Adrienne Hendricks Saddlery

Adrienne came to me as a referral, and she already had a website.  So why did she need me?  Her original web designer had moved on to other things, and she needed some things done.  The website was set up exactly how I would have done it!  He used the same CMS (WordPress), theme (Divi), and plugins.  It was refreshing to update and add content to her site.  

English Saddle Maker

Adrienne is a Master Saddler and has quite a following.  She is also a US distributor of Lovatt and Ricketts Saddles from the Arabian Saddle Company.  

Patches and packaging art

A few patches were needed before the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale.  I’ve only included the ones for Adrienne’s saddlery here. I also make a few patch layouts for the Arabian Saddle Company at her request.  

She also wanted her logo and the Union Jack on her saddle boxes, so I put together all the elements with her size request and you can see it in the above slide. 

Website Maintenance

As I said, her website was beautifully built, and only needed updates and some content added.  A few changes were made to the home page, just to update the layout.  We also added more Lovatt and Ricketts saddles to the site. 

Social Media Management

Adrienne is great at posting her own images and videos, but sometimes she has saddles lined up waiting to be repaired, and she just doesn’t have time. I help make sure content is distributed on all social media, and produce content on Arabian and English Saddles.  

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