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I have been with Feral Human Expeditions since the beginning.  When Garrett approached me about helping him with a logo design and website, I was excited!  How great is getting to be in on the foundation of a expedition company?  With a logo concept in his head already, he conveyed his idea and we made it a reality.  His website wasn’t something he had a vision for already, so I got to explore some options with him.  Feral Human Expeditions was already using Square to collect funds for the trips, and he was comfortable with that solution, so I worked that into the design.  I will always make suggestions based on what I think is best, and the client being able to use a platform is always a factor.  FHE also needed a photo gallery to show potential explorers just what the possibilities were when you traveled with Garrett into the jungle or beyond.  Images can be a powerful way to portray things that words just can’t quite explain, and explorers tend to be inspired visually.  I also created descriptive pages for the expeditions, with more photos, and added itineraries and payment links.  When he needs updates made on his site, he contacts me and I handle it.  Now he can explore and do what he does best, while I tend the website and keep things running here.

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