Lantern Lane Creations

We have been doing projects for Lantern Lane Creations for years. And we LOVE it!  The unique tack she creates is fun and just plain amazing.  It was fun creating and maintaining her horse tack website.

The Horse Tack Website

She had an ecommerce site that showcased her horse tack sets, bridles, nose straps, halters, spur straps, brow bands, saddle pads, spurs, stirrups, custom items for humans, and more. 

You have to be able to adapt to what works best

That was a bit more work that her one-woman shop wanted to deal with (of course, she’d rather be creating tack, not uploading pictures!) so she switched to an etsy site for her ecommerce.  We work with whatever works for our clients.  It’s important you can use your site, or it will not be updated regularly.  We can always do the updating and content creation for you, if you want.  In some cases, however, the clients are really the best ones to do that in order to connect with their customers.


Services we provide for Lantern Lane Creations:


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