The project for RV Roof had a lot of moving parts. The website plays a part in interacting with potential customers, as well as their vendors.  They have a simple explanation of their product for those who might not be so technical, and a detailed explanation for the more hands-on RV owner.  Their target audience consists of both types of RVer, so we had to make sure both can leave the site understanding what they just read.  Potential customers can fill out a simple quote request form, which is distributed to the shop of their choice (based on location).  Pictures of just how thick and durable this product is show how they stand out from the crowd (and the copycats). When it’s tradeshow season, they are on the road for months, so a central location for vendor supplies, incoming orders and quote requests saves them time. While they are at tradeshows, they need flyers, banners, business cards, displays, and branded samples.  On the way to and from tradeshows, you can not mistake who they are in their fully wrapped truck and fifth wheel.  I guarantee when you see them, you will not doubt what their business is or how to find their website.

*Full disclosure: Damsel Branding did not create this specific wrap, but members of our team had a hand in it.  This is definitely branding gold!!

I’m also behind the scenes!

In addition to what you can see from the public point of view, there is a lot going on in the background.  An area of the website was created that is accessible only by authorized applicators where they can order supplies, access necessary corporate documents, and download marketing materials.

Integrating systems to save time

RVRoof.com also needed a way to streamline orders, so they weren’t duplicating work and wasting valuable time.  By integrating their website with Quickbooks and Square (their preferred payment solution) so that when an applicator orders supplies, the order is directed to the person it needs to go to (based on what is ordered), payment is made, and it’s added to Quickbooks for bookkeeping.  Now they can focus on growing their business!

Services we provide for RV Roof

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design (RVRoof.com)
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Ordering System Integration (WooCommerce/Square/Quickbooks)

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