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The importance of keeping your website fresh

When was the last time you updated your website?  For many people, a website was a one time project that they haven’t thought about since they said goodbye to their website designer.  I’d be willing to bet that those same people aren’t happy with their website’s results.  They see little to no traffic and the […]

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Networking to other moms

I never considered myself a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) really.  I’m just a graphic designer/illustrator.  One that works from home.  While homeschooling kids.  And cleaning up after them and a bunch of animals. Ok.  So I fit the criteria. I’ve always had my own separate office so it always was “separate” from the house.  I think maybe […]

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Marketing to the Home Office crowd

While trying to come up with a new marketing plan, I had to ask myself “What is the benefit people get from working with me?”  Now, I’m obviously going to give a biased opinion, but after some thought I came up with a couple of answers. 1.  Accountability.  When my clients work with me, the […]

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You get what you pay for

I’m not sure why, but lately I seem to have come across more than the usual number of articles explaining designers rates for different types of projects. These articles are actually helpful in the relationship between designer and client. The gap between what the client expects from a design project and what the designer expects […]

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wendy milonas

Restaurant Graphics

Restaurants need menus. Whether it’s a board on the wall or something you hand out, you have to tell your customers what you are serving. A menu should reflect the attitude of the restaurant. A tropical, breezy, colorful restaurant should have a menu that fits that same theme. A boring, text only, black and white […]

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