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Don’t forget the text!

Pictures can say a thousand words…but the search engines can’t read those type of words.   As a graphic designer, I tend to get caught up in the art at times, only to suddenly remember that it’s not all about what WE see on the website.  It’s also about what Google or Yahoo or whatever […]

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Don’t Forget To Update Your Sites

I’ve had to update WordPress three times this week, since they keep coming out with new updates.  Is it worth it?  I think so.  It takes less than 5 minutes and I feel that if the update wasn’t worth it, they never would have bothered uploading it and letting us know about it. So remember […]

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(I had written a great big post about how wonderful this was, but then my WordPress committed suicide. So…I’ve now upgraded to 2.5 and we’ll see how well this works. Now back to my post…) I’m thrilled at the “new” site,! They have taken a great thing and made it even better! I can’t […]

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Why Use a Graphic Designer?

First impressions are extremely important in the business world. Sometimes your business collateral meets your potential client before you. Do you want your clients first impression to be based upon your home-made business cards and black and white flyer or upon your full color professionally designed business cards, letterhead and brochures? A graphic designer can […]

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Too busy to post

It’s insanely busy here!! I was taking a break and noticed that my blog was being neglected this week. I have a dozen projects in production but nothing to show right now. I did just get some images to add to a fight poster, but it’s not a new design, just some image replacements. I […]

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