Comparing and Blogger traffic…is it really possible?

A while back I started my Blogger blog to discuss the emotional roller coaster that an Army Mom goes though. I chose a public blogging forum hoping that I could connect with others within the Blogger network. I know that not everyone searches the internet for what they want, but they find a familiar place (name) and land there. They then explore within that world until there is a reason to venture outside the safety of it’s walls.

Well, I started my blog, sent the address to a few others I had developed friendships with and found out my friends are not only on Blogger, but on as well. And they aren’t happy with Blogger. So…do I just leave them out of the loop?

No…I sensed the opportunity to do some traffic experiments instead!! LOL I just set up shop at as well.

My blogs are both the same content with some minor changes, but the basic content is my own thoughts, Soldiers’ Angels announcements, and my military products that I have on Zazzle (I post them as I make them to show my friends and hopefully attract some potential customers to my store).

After having the blogs for over 6 months, I see that whenever I post on Blogger (according to my own Google analytics account) I only get a handful of hits. But then I see that the WordPress Google analytics account says I have 3 times as many hits over there on most posts, but some do attract a large number of hits – like when I’m talking about current events in the military. I would think that would be accurate for both…but Blogger stats don’t really rise and fall that drastically.

Now, my question is this…can I safely compare those two stats sources? I’m not questioning WP’s honesty but…I really don’t like that they will not let me have my own analytics code on my blog there. I don’t think it’s an equal comparison. It’s like it’s possibly tainted, or filtered, or something I can’t control and I’m not sure if my experiment has to end now that I realize it’s not really comparable. Or is the audience on really just more attuned to what my blog is about and Blogger not so much and I’m seeing an accurate accounting of visitors.

Feedback would be most appreciated, as I really would like to offer clients my experience as a guide to what they should try doing.


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