Is your business website performing like a good employee?

websiteworkingforyouCan your website sell your service or product without you?

If not, you need to consider a redesign.

Your website’s job (yes, it works for you) is to sell whatever it is you sell.  Without you being right there to guide the user.

Upon arrival, your user should be able to:

  1. Recognize your brand (from past dealings or for future reference).If your logos, style, colors…whatever it is that sets you apart from the crowd, is not present, then your site isn’t representing you.  Think of it as a brick and mortor store.  When you walk into Home Depot, you KNOW you are in Home Depot.  Right?  Well, your website needs to make people know they are in your “store”.
  2. Determine what it is you do.Your service should be obvious immediately.  If the user lands on your page and has to work to figure out what you do, they will just leave and find what they want elsewhere.
  3. Navigate your site.Imagine your navigation links are the same as your stores interior signage.  If you own a grocery store and have no order to your products and no signs telling people what is located in what aisle, your customers aren’t going to buy much (if anything) and they aren’t going to come back.  Make your site easy to get around with clearly marked categories and pages.
  4. Buy your product or service easily.Is there an obvious and easy to use call to action on your website?  What are your users supposed to? Call you?  Email?  Use your shopping cart to purchase items or services?  Make your call to action simple and obvious to your target audience.  If the user can’t send you money, then why are you in business?  If the user leaves the site because they can’t find how to send you money or didn’t want to work to find how to send you money, then why have a website at all?

If your website is not working for you, if it’s not bringing in money, then it’s time to reevaluate.

Call me at 727-967-5970 if you want to discuss what your site needs.

I’ll help you determine if it needs a facelift or a quadruple bypass.

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