Networking to other moms

I never considered myself a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) really.  I’m just a graphic designer/illustrator.  One that works from home.  While homeschooling kids.  And cleaning up after them and a bunch of animals.

Ok.  So I fit the criteria.

I’ve always had my own separate office so it always was “separate” from the house.  I think maybe that is why it didn’t feel like the same situation.  I also spent many years doing what I do in a corporate office.  And I did some freelance for corporations.  Not that those are reasons to think I’m anything but a WAHM, I just think my mindset has been a bit unclear about that.

So, now that I’ve come to that realization, I went looking for others like me.  And I  found a few networks of moms who work from home and some even homeschool.  Now I’m working on getting ready for some expos and a few other meetings and it’s sort of exciting.  I found a few local groups on and actually already knew some people in them.

Now I need to work on marketing myself.  Which is actually difficult.  I can do marketing for others…but for myself it’s a totally different thing.  I guess it’s not really but it sure seems that way.

Well, I am going to work on some marketing materials.  I’m going to be completely off the wall and schedule my own projects into the calendar.  I have always tried to do them after client jobs were done, or in between on breaks…it never works out.  Technically we are supposed to treat our own work as a client project, so that is what I’m going to do.

I’ll post my stuff when I’m done.  🙂

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