Content Creation

What is content?

Content is anything you see on a website, a social media post, a tutorial, or a downloadable document.  It’s articles, infographics, videos, pdf manuals, and just about anything you can find online.

How do you know what content you need?

I will research your topic and keywords to find what would be appealing to your target audience.

Example: You create die-cast classic car models.  After researching that market, we find that your target audience wants to see pictures and hear details about the cars.  We would suggest sharing watermarked images and writing articles about the different models features and bugs.

Where does content go?

It goes everywhere you have an online presence.  I recommend you always include it on your website, if possible, and then on all social media platforms that it makes sense to include it on.



Content Creation Pricing


Prices are based on the amount of time it takes us to:

Research your topic and keyword

Write your article in a way that makes search engines happy

Optimize, name, tag and make your graphic ADA accessible

Write the best possible blurb for your social media post

Modify your image to the required size for specific social media platforms

* We recommend a website blog post of 350 words or more, at least one targeted keyword, a graphic to bring attention to the article when posted (blog and Social Media), and posting to at least one Social Media platform.

Need more than one article?  We can do that!

Fill out the form below, or call us at 833-326-7357 to discuss your specific needs.  It’s that easy.

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