Logo Design

In most cases, the first thing your client sees is your logo.  That first impression is something you can never get back.  Make sure it’s a good one!

Where should your logo be?

EVERYWHERE!  Seriously.  Your logo is your brand.  If you created it, your logo should be on it.  Business cards, brochures, vehicle wraps, billboards, socks, whatever you can come up with…they should all have your logo on them.

When do I need my logo?

Your logo should be part of your initial planning.  During the startup phase of a business, your logo should already be on your business cards, brochures, and website.

Your branding efforts begin on day one.  Whether it’s on business cards you hand out at trade shows, on a vehicle magnet, or on a shirt you wear…your logo needs to be visible. 

What is Branding, and why do you think I need it?

Imagine a cow with a big ole DB branded on it’s hind quarter.  You see this cow and you know it belongs to the Damsel Branding Ranch down the street. 

How do you know?  Do you know this particular cow personally?  Chances are you don’t.  Have you maybe driven past and saw that same design, the DB inside a fish, on their gate? That’s more likely.  The more you pass the ranch, the more that “brand” is going to stick in your head.  The day you see Bessie meandering down the road, unsupervised and heading towards the main highway, you immediately know who owns that cow and who you need to tell.  

When people see your logo as they are speaking to you, or they see your logo on a brochure they read, during an interview they watched about your services,  or just on your car that they happen to see every day on the way to work…they remember it.  And when the cow gets out, or they need a solution that your company can provide, they will remember your company and contact you. 

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