Things To Consider When Having Postcards Designed

Postcards offer a colorful, effective and less expensive marketing alternative to mailing out marketing “packages”.

Postcards are read more often than any other form of unsolicited mail. They are easy, why not read it? Just flip it over, scan the offer and decide. Trash or keep it?

For the postcard maker, those few seconds are the most critical. That is when you need to be sure all your efforts will pay off. You need a sales pitch that can present itself, along with it’s offer in less than 3 seconds.

Sound stressful? Nah! Look at it as a challenge. Can you make your message work for more people with each postcard mailing? Can you get their attention in 3 seconds? 2 seconds? Make them check the mail every month on the 24th in anticipation of receiving another wonderful postcard from you?? Ok, that might be getting a bit over the edge, but it could happen!

The thing that most attracts businesses to use the postcard is the postage. Postcard postage is cheaper than a normal sized first class piece. I’m not going to post any prices here…the prices go up so often, I can’t keep up. But it is cheaper.

Printing costs are cheaper. If you printed a full color 8.5″ x 11″ flyer and mailed it in an envelope, you’d be looking at a lot more money in just printing costs. Just as an example (don’t hold me to this! LOL) here is a sample mailing to compare the two:

8.5″ x 11″ Full Color Flyer w/ envelope:

1000 pieces – $536.00
1000 envelopes – $611.00
Postage ($.37) – $370.00
Total: $1,517.00

4″ x 6″ Full Color Postcard:

1000 pieces – $296.00
Postage ($.23) – $230.00
Total: $526.00

As you can see, there is a giant difference in cost. If you can fit your message on a postcard, then it makes sense to try.
When mailing to clients, it’s best to send something on a regular basis. Make a schedule and send postcards that are in some way related. Use a common character, theme, set of colors, etc. Make your postcard something they recognize, and when they need a service that you offer, chances are they will think of you when they go to make a call.
Some postcard theme ideas:

  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly recipes
  • Household cleaning tips
  • Auto maintenance tips
  • Pet care tips


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