Too busy to post

It’s insanely busy here!! I was taking a break and noticed that my blog was being neglected this week. I have a dozen projects in production but nothing to show right now. I did just get some images to add to a fight poster, but it’s not a new design, just some image replacements. I might add it anyway. What the heck! LOL

I haven’t even had time to get the new blog back up. The database totally ate itself or something and the install of WordPress was fried. Not quite sure what happened by my incredibly talented partner got everything fixed up except that one blog (and considering how many are on that server, only losing one was impressive). So I’m installing WP MU and I’ll be combining a few other blogs in with the one. So how do I plan on keeping up with more blogs when doing this one is impossible, you ask? HA! I have no idea. But there must be a way. I am sure of it. I am not above hiring someone else to write when I am too busy though…that is one possibility.

Ok, gotta get back to check out the specs for this poster…I might be able to finish it real quick while I’m on a break.

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