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Take a whole YEAR to pay off your website or pay it off in full!


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Website – Level One (Basic/Starter)

Website – Level Two (Small Business)

Website – Level Three (Small Business Ecommerce)


*I am more than happy to customize packages. Modifying the number of pages, software used, or customization of the site beyond the scope listed will modify the price of your website.  Total price can still be divided into 12 monthly payments

**Websites with payment plans will remain on my servers until paid in full.

“Paid in Full” Website cost does not include hosting fees.  For reference, most of our small business sites are maintained for security and functionality, and hosted for $25 a month.  If your website requires more resources, that will be reflected in your hosting costs.  This is all information we go over before you even sign a contract, so don’t worry, we won’t spring it on you at the last second!

Monthly payments do include a processing fee.


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