Why do you need business stationery?

Yes, you could just print a plain text letterhead off your computer. Your printing cost would be about 5 cents per copy and you could print as little as one at a time. But what would your new client think of you? Would they think that if you cut corners on your stationery, you would cut corners on their project? Maybe they’d think you couldn’t afford stationery and question the stability of your business. Regardless of what the exact thought is, it’s sure to be an uneasy one. One that might make them rethink doing business with you.

Professionally printed letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc. give an impression of a professional, stable business that is going to be around for a long time and that cares about appearances.

What type of design is good for me?

Choosing a style of design is a vital start to your stationery project. You need to choose the style that will get your target audiences attention. Are you trying to attract an intellectual clientelle? Are your customers primarily college students and young adults? Do you cater to older adults, retired widows, war veterans? You need to do your homework and establish who is going to be looking at your letterhead.

Once you know who your client base consists of you can start working on what you like. Do you want a letterhead and envelope that are mostly images? Does all text suit your needs?

Don’t forget to consider special needs at this point. Do your clients require extra large fonts? Are you dealing with people who are color blind? What could get in the way of your target client actually “seeing” your letterhead?

What are “second” sheets?

When you purchase letterhead, don’t forget to get second sheets. Second sheets are the same paper your letterhead is printed on, only blank. They are used for pages after the first one. It looks much more professional to have the same paper as a second page.

Other things to consider:

* If you send out Thank You Cards very often, consider a custom photo of your building or staff on a postcard. This makes your sentiments stand out, and the postage is cheaper on a postcard than on a letter.

* Special sized envelopes might be needed if you send samples along with your letterhead. You can have custom envelopes printed in a wide array of sizes, which will make your packages stand out over the other guy using a plain manilla 9″ x 12″ Booklet Envelope.

* Window envelopes save you time! If you have a database of your clients, or bill your clients through the mail, a window envelope eliminates the need for an address label. This saves a considerable amount of time!

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