Why Use a Graphic Designer?

First impressions are extremely important in the business world. Sometimes your business collateral meets your potential client before you. Do you want your clients first impression to be based upon your home-made business cards and black and white flyer or upon your full color professionally designed business cards, letterhead and brochures?

A graphic designer can help you get the most for your money. They are usually associated with a couple of different printers that will compete and give the best possible price. A designer will know what should work and what does NOT work. Certain proven ideas as well as definitely bad ideas are known to the designer who does this everyday.

Make the best impression possible! Talk to your designer and establish the following before the job is started:

• your budget

• what styles you like (getting samples of other work you like is a good idea to establish a starting point for your designer)

• who your potential clients are (who are you presenting your collateral to? there should be a big style difference between selling cell phone accessories to young adults and selling steel parts to an airliner manufacturer)

• business goals you might be able to work into the new designs (this eliminates wasting money)

• your timeline or marketing schedule

• show your designer existing business cards, letterhead, etc. so that you can have consistant styles and logos that will keep your business looking professional

It is very important to establish a relationship with your designer for the sake of efficiency and productivity. Giving some thought to a project before you start and writing down notes to give the designer will help the designer establish just where you are going, and where you don’t want to go.

And never be afraid to let the designer know when you aren’t real happy with a certain aspect of the design. Most designers would rather know of your dislike during the drafting process than have to change it later or have you not return for later projects because you weren’t happy.

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