Email Settings

Basic Settings for your Damsel Branding Email Account:

Username: enter your full email address
Password: enter your e-mail account password

(You should have received these via email.  If you do not have them, please contact us.)

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

Incoming Port: POP3 110 or IMAP 143
Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) Port: 587

If you are using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer):
The above port settings are for the non-SSL server setup.  However, if you are accessing via a phone or mobile device, the default mail program may force you to access using SSL.

  • Secure POP3 – port 995
  • Secure IMAP – port 993

The outgoing mail is always SMTP, whether using IMAP or POP.

  • Secure SMTP – port 465

SMTP Authentication Required

Choosing between POP3 and IMAP:

POP3 and IMAP are two different protocols (methods) used to access email. Of the two, IMAP is the better option – and the recommended option – when you need to check your emails from multiple devices, such as a work laptop, a home computer, or a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.



Enter your full email address.

Example, your email address is, your username would be, not just ‘steve.perry’.  Some mail programs may remove the when filling in default fields.  Make sure your entire email address is filled in.


This would have been provided when the account was set up, please ask us if you do not know your password.

Incoming Server/Outgoing Server:

You have two options here.  You can use the server’s hostname:, OR your own domain hostname:

If you use your own domain hostname, you will get an SSL certificate mismatch – it’s OK to accept the mismatch.  However, some mail programs (such as Outlook) do not like to accept these mismatches, and you may have to revert to the server hostname to make things work correctly.

If you choose to use your own domain hostname in the Incoming/Outgoing server areas (as opposed to the server hostname), you will get a certificate error. This happens because we are unable to apply multiple certificates to a single mail server.  Our mail server has a certificate for our host domain only.  In order for your mail program to access the serve to get/send mail, you will need to accept the certificate.  We recommend that you look for the option to approve the certificate permanently, so you only have to approve it one time.


POP3 and IMAP have different port settings, please note this when setting up your account.  Note: We used to recommend port 25 for outgoing, but many ISPs have that port blocked now.