woman with laptop and dog

If you are going to put in the extra time to be successful, while sacrificing personal time…make it count.

Here are some tips for making your weekend productive:

Try working on non-standard items on the weekends. Example: Work on your own business growth, instead of client projects. Finish those certifications you just don’t have time for during the week. Work on making your foundation stronger.

Be realistic. You aren’t going to build the equivalent of an Amazon site in two days, so don’t make it part of the plan.

Get to it. Work while you are fresh and alert. Don’t wait until you’ve gone to brunch, and come back home. The only thing that will produce is a neck ache from the nap you take in your office chair.

Do NON-work chores to break up the day. You can’t sit too long without losing steam, so periodically get up and do some physical, non-work related chores that will get your blood pumping!

Fix your workspace. Are you buried in paperwork to be filed? Hate how the sun blinds you from your seat? Do some workspace maintenance! Move your desk to a better, non-blinding spot. File that paperwork. Put up some inspiring art. Your workspace reflects your business. Disorganized and can’t seem to find anything? You probably put more work into your projects than need be because they are also disorganized. Create a workable, pleasant environment.

Do you have any other tips to contribute?  Add them in the comments below…