banner stands

Large, noticeable banner stands will attract targeted attention to your trade show booth, storefront, and featured products faster than just about anything else. 

Get noticed

In a high traffic area, getting the attention of potential customers is difficult.  If something of interest catches their eye, though…you have a better chance of getting them in to view what you have to offer. 

Banner Stands: Use alone or as part of a system

Retractable banner stands can be used alone or in a series of banners.  You can lead them to you (or your product) with the old Burma Shave advertising concept (consecutive signs making up one message), or make them part of a display system (hanging banner, posters, table covers, etc.)  Most stand at least 5ft tall or more, but there are even tabletop banner stands that you can incorporate into your marketing. 

Make your message simple

Using quality, targeted graphics and key words that are associated with your product or service will allow you to keep your message short and sweet, and creating the desired effect.  A banner with a lot of text is just too time consuming to read for most. Many people are not going to invest the time to stand and read what they might or might not be interested in once they finish processing the information. 

Keep the message consistent

Make sure you are branding your banner stands in a way that is consistent with your marketing plan.  You will lose effectiveness if the banner is completely different than the rest of the products in your campaign.  Brand recognition is vital to marketing efforts.  If your banner is outside of your place of business, including vital information such as your logo, business name, contact information and product name is extremely important. If your banner is inside your business location, and advertising a product, make sure it is consistent with your own business branding.  Use colors or styles that will “connect” the product to your business in the consumer’s mind.  They may not need what you are offering now, but when they do and try to recall it…you want them to be able to remember where they saw the product or service offered. 

Start your marketing plan now

If you are ready to start marketing your product or service, we can help you make and implement a plan today!  Marketing materials take a little while to print so don’t wait until the last minute!  We can help you get started today! Call us at 833-326-7357 or send us a message here.