Do it yourself and save money!

Cheap, fast websites!

Just input your info and your have a beautiful site creating an income flow in less than 2 hours!!

Sound too good to be true? It probably is.

Acquiring a website that is built on another person’s software and kept on a shared server that you have no access to is a little like buying a turn-key business on someone else’s property. In this instance, they would maintain the signage, the grounds, and help you furnish your new business. Sometimes they would even provide the foot traffic just based on the advertising they do for other stores in your location. Sounds awesome! Right?

Where’s the catch?

Now, thinking like a business person, you have to ask yourself things like:

  • “What happens if they sell the location and the new owners aren’t going to continue to provide the services you require to do your business?”
  • “What happens if they change their business plan and now you can’t afford the cost to provide things for yourself?”
  • “What happens if the guy two doors down on the property is caught selling drugs? It’s all over the news. Suddenly no one that will buy your product wants to come to that location. What do you do?”

The answer in all of those cases would be…Walk away. No matter what question was asked, you have no recourse and you own nothing but the items you actually purchased or created.

The easy website builder catch…

You are setting yourself up for the same situation we just discussed when you create a website on one of those “FREE EASY CHEAP DIY Website builder” sites. You own your content but the rest is gone in a minute if they decide to close down, start charging you way too much a month, or one of their other clients gets hit by the internet police* for doing very very bad things on the same IP you are on and your domain’s email is suddenly blacklisted, and your site might not be accessible by some people using certain “bad site” filters.

Build a solid foundation for your business online.

If you invest the money and build your own site, on a server that you rent space on, and you have all the information to move it if you ever decide to…it’s just like leasing a building for your business. If you want to move, you pack up and you move to a new location. You take all your things, you change the address so customers can still find you, and you are still in business.

If you are serious about your business, you want to do it right and build it on a solid foundation. Don’t let the allure of getting something for nothing blind you to the hard cold facts of life: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Call if you have questions, we are happy to help.

If you have questions about how to set up that solid foundation, or want to discuss getting your site off one of those site builder sites now, before you invest more time into it, call us at 833-326-7357.


*Ok, so there is not internet police but the blacklist and filter companies that block “bad” sites are close enough.  And then if it’s bad enough…the FBI, and other letter agencies get involved.