push pin at business location in Kansas City, MOThere is nothing quite as frustrating as finding something really interesting on the web, thinking, “Hey, I may want to visit that event/go buy that product!” and then not being able to find where this event or product is located.

Sometimes you get the ever-helpful, “Come visit us at the North end of Main Street!”  Ok.  Which Main Street??  There are anywhere from 7,664 to 10,902 roads named “Main Street” in the US.  Numbers vary depending on which source you cite. 

While I’m more than willing to jump in the old Crossfire, roll down her windows and take a road trip…I can’t come visit if I don’t even know where you are! 

Make it easy for people to find your business location

Some basic information could increase your traffic, both online and in person.  You should always provide the following: 

  • Business Name
  • Physical Address (Including the city and state!)
  • Phone Number (Including your area code)
  • Website Address
  • Social Media Accounts (your @whatever on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Our world is getting more connected, including those small town mom and pop shops.  It’s vital to change the mentality from only serving those in your community. An example of this is addressing those that know where the old electric company used to be (if you use “Visit us in the old town electric company offices” as your means of location).  Expand your mental service area to include those that may live elsewhere, and are willing to take a drive. Always treat your business location as a vital part of every ad, social media account, etc.  If you are limited on space, include your website address and make sure your business location is included there.

You also have a whole world available to you online.  Don’t discount those living much farther away.  If you have something they really want, they will pay to have it shipped. 

Always keep the big picture in mind

Growing a business is probably a little more complicated in 2020 than it was in 1920. We have more tools, more competition, and more distractions.  Keeping your mental area of service open to include everyone you can reasonably sell your product to, will allow you to see opportunities you may have previously missed.  Don’t lose out on Joe Consumer in the next state over because you failed to include your actual physical location and contact information.