graphic design team at a computerHaving a full team of graphic designers might be the way to go a few months ago, when the economy was booming, or if you were Scholastic or another very large organization that could budget for such an expense.

However, if you are a small business just trying to compete in this failing economy, then having a full graphic design team is a fairy tale.  Just the salaries would be out of reach, and then there’s the employer related fees, equipment, etc.  No, it’s not a realistic goal for many companies.

As a graphic designer, I can tell you that being part of a freelance design team is actually more efficient and allows for more creativity.  It also makes you much more productive than being at the whim of every change someone might be.

Think about it:  You have unlimited graphic design capabilities so you think “Let’s change this small bit of text” or “Let’s move that logo to the other side”, when if you had to wait a few minutes to relay your ideas AND had to justify the expense of those changes, you might realize they really aren’t worth doing.  You just saved your designer and yourself time and got the project a little further ahead by not having them there in the office.

Another perk with a freelance design team: you only pay for what you need.  You aren’t buying them a new computer because it’s time to upgrade.  You aren’t buying a new chair because their wheel fell off.  No.  You are paying for the three hours it took to make you the graphic you needed.  That’s it.  Three hours* worth of work.  (*or however many hours the project you needed took.)

Having a team like ours offers allows for some diverse ideas to go into your project as well.  We all work on different things, we see different solutions, and we learn from different sources.  We are always working on continuing our education in a real-world, hands-on atmosphere.  We are also a group of military veterans, LEOs, and parents of military veterans.  We don’t mess around, we don’t take on more than we can realistically handle, and we don’t give up.  If we tell you we can do it, we’ll get it done.  On time.

If you are considering hiring a team to handle your graphic and web design needs, contact us and see if we fit in your business family.