For the clients that ask, “Can’t I just use Facebook instead of having a website created?”, I have one word:  MySpace.

Where is your MySpace page now?

Many, many people had their main entity (personal and business) on MySpace at one time, and then something better came along and all the work and sparkly graphics they had poured into their MySpace page was just sitting there with no one to visit it.  I had my portfolio on there and updated it regularly.  I worked to build friends.  And now I can’t even remember what my page url was.  BUT my website that I was also adding portfolio items to at the same time is still up and running and has quite a lot of history in my portfolio.  Some of it’s hideous and outdated by today’s standards, but it shows that I’ve been around longer than AOL.  😉

You need to be in control of your online presence.

It’s vital that you have one central location for your information that you are in control of.  What if your website host was going to move tomorrow?  You’d pack up your files and put them on a new host.  It will be a minor hassle, but you walk away with your site intact.  What if Facebook closed or someone better came along and everyone flocked to that?  You’d have to walk away with nothing but the few pictures you happened to have on your computer or phone.

Having your own website ensures that you are going to be available for your clients on a long-term basis.  You are here, and  you aren’t going to just get up and hop on a new social media network because it’s the new way to do business where they may or may not find you.

Take care of your website!

So when you wonder that question…just remember where your MySpace page is now.  And invest in your online presence by putting more into your own website.

If you have any questions about creating or maintaining your website, you can contact us at 833-326-7357, or email us via this page.