We often will subscribe to websites and newsletters that our clients will be listed on.  We want to make sure they are presenting the approved ads and information properly.  Normally, we get a reasonable number of emails and everything is fine. Most of the time we remain a subscriber, and learn a little about that industry as a bonus.

woman clicking laptop computer showing a lot of emails coming from it

Email Overkill

Twenty seven days ago, we subscribed to an RV newsletter to see our client’s RV Roof ad.  We’ve received 72 emails from them since then.  SEVENTY-TWO.  That’s an average of 2.6 emails every single day. 

Our client’s ad has been published, and we couldn’t cancel those emails fast enough.  I honestly don’t ever want to see that company name in my inbox again. 

Being the equivalent of the stereotypical used car salesman via email is not going to be beneficial to your business.  Most people don’t like to get bombarded with sales emails.  Sure they will remember your name after seeing it so often, but it will be so they know who to avoid.  Having a negative connection with your business name is not the effect you were going for.  You aren’t paying a marketing firm to make you the most annoying business out there.  You are paying to convert leads to customers. 

How do you convert leads to customers?

Communicate with your potential customers like you would like to be communicated with.  Let them know what you have to offer, without any drama or tricks.  Find out if they have any questions, and answer them directly and honestly.  Let them know you are available to answer any other questions they might have. Then let them process what you’ve presented.  For longer than two minutes.  Seriously.  Back off and let them think.  Follow up after a reasonable amount of time. 

What is more effective than too many emails?

There are so many ways to communicate these days.  Email, social media, direct messaging, text messaging, video conferencing, snail mail, and the good old fashioned phone call. 

Based on the purpose of the communication, there are alternate ways to connect with your potential customer.  If you have a product that might be complicated and prompts quite a few questions, a phone call could be your best bet.  If you are establishing details about something less complicated with a younger crowd, then text messaging or a tool such as Facebook Messenger may be your best bet.  Your customer should feel comfortable with whatever means you are communicating.  If they are the type that needs a lot of information and it’s just too much to convey via the phone, perhaps a phone call to establish what their questions were, and then a follow up email with the answers would work.  This also allows them to review your answers multiple times, something they can’t do with verbal answers.

Pay attention and adjust your approach as needed. 

It’ll get you much farther in business! 

If you have some ideas about marketing your business, and would like to discuss how to make it a reality, let us know!  You can reach us here.