Are you wondering if your website is outdated, or if it needs a facelift?

How long does a website last?  Is there a magic number of years before you completely overhaul your business website?  There are no hard rules on when you should update your site, but there are factors that should be considered when this topic comes up at your next company/board meeting:

  • Have you changed your branding or color scheme?
  • Have you changed your objectives or added a new goal to your business plan?
  • Are your analytics showing that your current design is not reaching your goals?
  • Do you have new products or services?

Any of these can be a good reason to invest in an update to your website.

What does your website tell potential customers about your business?

Does your slow and outdated website reflect poorly on your business?  Do potential clients think you might not have efficient customer service measures in place if you can’t get your site to load in a reasonable time.

For many businesses, the website is the first and only chance to make a good and accurate impression.  You want to captivate your target audience, and keep them on your site long enough to reach your predetermined goals.  If you can’t keep them on the site, your investment is no longer working.

When should you absolutely update your website?

  1. Your site is not responsive.
  2. Your site is built using flash technology.
  3. You have anything like this anywhere on your site:

If your site can not be used on a mobile device, it needs to be updated right away.  Google has already started to penalize non-mobile friendly sites, so this is a top priority.

Web technology is fast growing

You must stay on top of your online presence if you don’t want to have to do complete overhauls every few years.  You should have a plan to keep on top of the technology that is relevant to your needs, and evaluate your goals on a regular basis.  Your website should always be growing, just like your business.

If you have any questions about updating your site, please contact us here.