What do you do after your website is live?

Now that the waiting is over, and you have a live website you can actually tell people about…what’s next?  What do you do to get your online presence out of the starting gate?  We have some tips and suggestions for you:

Add content to your website

Content is what tells your customers, and search engines, what your business is about.  Content is anything from images to articles that share your products or services offered.  We recommend a steady (but not obnoxious) flow of new content telling customers what’s new, adding new products regularly, or allowing customers to contribute in the form of interactive forums/message boards.

Optimize your website content for search engines

We can help you establish a strategy to help you get found when someone searches for what you do/offer in the search engines.

Maintain your website

Website maintenance can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with possible current issues with your website’s software.  Most times, an extension or a core update will smoothly update to the next version without a hitch.  Other times, well…let’s just say “thank goodness for backups!”  Our team is always up to date on current updates, extensions and core files.  We know what will be alright and what will need adjustments made in order to go smoothly.  We can set up a maintenance plan for you based on your budget.

Learn to use your site

If we designed your site, chances are it’s built on WordPress.  The links below are intended to help you get started, and continue to use your website.  We are here to help your business be successful, so if you don’t see something that you need to accomplish, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to help!

WordPress Tutorials

Learn how to use your website by using these handy, easy-to-follow tutorials:

Basic WordPress Instructions

New tutorials are being compiled and added on a regular basis.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram to be updated on new tutorials.

Get connected


  • You are going to need this to communicate with people.  If you are one of our customers and haven’t received your email set up guide, please let us know right away.  If you aren’t our customer, and you have email included in your website hosting, you shoudl be able to contact your webmaster or host to get that information.

Social Media

  • Build a Social Media following.  Each niche is different, so you will need to decide what works best for you.  Start with building a business specific page.  Keep this separate from your personal page.  You’ll thank us later.
  • Get involved where your potential customers might be.  Are you a carpenter specializing in country french furniture?  Maybe join some farmhouse lovers groups.  Do you create chainmail?  Renaissance Faire groups are the place for you. Don’t enter with guns blazing.  Stick around, share some knowledge, and become a valuable part of the community.

Join Business Groups

  • You can take advantage of the knowledge of others by joining groups that target your interests.  From marketing to specific business skills, you can find local groups to meet with, as well as online groups that provide information from all over the world.

What NOT to do

We have frequent reports of clients being emailed, or even snail-mailed, something about their domain.  They usually make it appear as if you must renew NOW or else the sky will fall.  These are scams. They are trying to get you to agree to a long term contract for a service.  Usually it’s for search engine optimization.  If you think what you have received is legitimately important, please take a picture and send it to us before you send them your hard earned money.  We can establish if it’s a scam or not.

Do NOT fall for anyone that tells you they can guarantee you any spot in the search engines.  You will be wasting your money, and potentially getting yourself banned from every search engine out there.  The methods they use are questionable, if not prohibited by most search engines.  Building your site and SEO organically is the way to long-term success.